• Cordyceps Gold

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    Experience euphoric energy - all natural and stimulant free!  In 1993, the Chinese Olympic women's running team broke 3 records at the World Tour Track and Field Championship. Immediately, they were suspected of doping but their secret edge was simply using Cordyceps! The gold standard of Cordyceps is Himalayan Cordyceps, and it has a price tag to prove it, coming in at over $80k a kilo.


    We strive to have a product that is both scalable, sustainable and efficacious.  So while we don’t have Himalayan Cordyceps, we do have the next best thing! Our world class, Cordyceps triple blend is the closest bioidentical counterpart to Himalayan Cordyceps. It’s guaranteed to bring you straight into Beast Mode!


    *Broad spectrum product – contains less than 0.3% THC.


      Serving Size: 2 capsules         

      Servings per bottle: 30

      Cannabidiol (CBD) 20 mg                                                                 

      Proprietary Cordyceps Golden Blend 1000 mg    

      Cordyceps Sinensis Extract, Cordyceps Militaris Extract, Hirsutella Sinensis Powder, Hirsutella Liboensis Powder.